2017 Camping with the Cub Scouts Weekend

Cub Scout Family Camp  will be held at Dowling Aquatic Base beginning Friday October 20th-October 21st.

Meals will include Saturday Breakfast and Lunch.

Scouts and families attending will have an opportunity to participate in numerous activities including: Bounce houses, games, fishing derby, archery, bb guns shooting, crafts and much more!

More information to follow SOON!!!

Ley scout

En mi honor, haré lo mejor que pueda

cumplir con mi deber con Dios y mi

País, y obedecer al Scout

Ley, para mantenerme físicamente

fuerte, mentalmente despierto, y

moralmente recto

Ley scout

Un Scout es confiable, leal, servicial, amable, cortés, amable, obediente, alegre, ahorrativo, valiente, limpio y reverente.

Conquistador Council, BSA  - 2603 North Aspen Avenue - Roswell, NM 88201  -  575-622-3461 - Fax 575-622-3493